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Q: Can I present my own menu and restaurant branding with a Digital Restaurant site?
A: Yes. The Digital Restaurant system functions as a complete website. Get ‘best in class’ online ordering and the ability to inform your customers and site visitors about your food, your menu, your history and your restaurant ambiance. No one does it better!

Q: Can I create separate information pages on telling customers about our story, locations, hours, etc.?
A: Yes. You can display nutrition information, about us pages, contact information and feedback forms to help your customers get the information they need about your food and restaurant.

Q: Who owns the data on my website?
A: You do! All the data on your website is accessible via a Reporting Dashboard that restaurant owners can use to access all customer information including e-mail addresses, past orders, sales behaviour, top buyers, delivery heatmaps and menu data.

Q: Can you write the content for my new website?
A: Absolutely. We have a dedicated team of experienced copywriters who can take basic information and turn it into engaging SEO friendly text for your website or marketing materials.

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Q: What if I don’t like the way my website looks?
A: We’re not happy unless you’re happy. If we complete a website design project and you’re not loving it, we can change anything. But if your project is going to exceed the agreed upon time parameters, we’ll let you know and plan accordingly.

Q: Will my website be secure?
A: Yes, all of our restaurant websites are hosted in a powerful VPS hosting environment backed by 24/7 support. We offer guaranteed 99.999% managed uptime with ongoing site analysis, security audit and consultation.

Q: Once my site is set up, how can I drive customers to it?
A: We offer a full suite of digital marketing plans that deliver results. Keep your customers informed of deals, exclusive offers and menu changes automatically. Our opt-in/opt-out mail management system allows us to send automatic e-mails of your weekly or seasonal specials.

Q: How will a Digital Restaurant site increase order average through online ordering?
A: Whet the appetite of your customers with pictures of your food and unique upsell features that increase order averages. Menu presentation and simple navigation enhance the customer experience with features for favourite orders and all past orders available for view by your customers.

Q: A lot of my customers use smartphones and tablets. Do Digital Restaurant sites work for mobile devices?
A: YES. Your Digital Restaurant website is automatically enabled for smartphone and tablet browsers, its responsive depending on the consumer’s device. Don't miss an order or opportunity for business in the mobile age!

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Q: I have a pretty large menu that changes throughout the day. Is it easy to manage it on the website?
A: A: With a few simple clicks you can manage product categories and individual products so that your online menu is always up to date. Our powerful system puts you in control of your menu, pricing and product images. You can even show different products throughout the day, from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, so that your customers have a personalised experience with your restaurant brand. Our wizards enable multi unit chains to manage menus and pricing quickly and easily.

Q: We have a pretty busy restaurant and not a lot of extra time. How easy is it to make item and price changes?
A: Need to make price changes? It's easy with our Menu Manager, which lets you change the names, prices, even availability on entire product categories with the click of a mouse. It's easy, fast and convenient. Full training is provided. Learn in minutes.

Q: Our menu is very diverse, with lots of options. Can I specify menu item modifiers for each product?
A: Yes. Put your modifiers in any order you want and control the number that can be selected for any item. Simply add a new flavour of bread to all sandwiches with the click of a mouse. In addition, our system provides unlimited modifiers for products and lets you control quantities. Easily set up a three topping pizza or build your own salad while controlling all modifiers for your menu items.

Q: Our restaurant chain does a lot of catering. Can the Digital Restaurant system handle delivery, takeout and catering orders?
A: Using our catering component, you can set up separate parameters for minimums, service charge or delivery charges. Catering menus and items are automatically kept separate to eliminate confusion for the customer and at the restaurant.

Q: This sounds too good to be true. Is it?
A: Nope, we work exclusively with restaurants, making us one of the very few digital agencies solely devoted to this space. We understand your needs and can quickly scale to any sized task, saving you both time and money.

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Q: Do you have contracts?
A: We offer very simple and transparent pricing for every project we do. We require a 12 month contract for our website packages, however that also comes with a 30 day cancellation policy.

Q: What is your guarantee?
A: Having built hundreds of restaurant websites, you don’t need to worry that we’re not going to be around to support what we build. We also build all of our restaurant websites using the latest and best practice in HTML5 and on WordPress which is the most popular content management system in the world

Q: How are you going to take over our social media?
A: We have expert social media managers that are able to expertly craft effective social media updates that maintain your restaurant’s brand and voice. Count on Digital Restaurant to contact you to find out what you would like to promote and to ensure your satisfaction.

Q: What other services do you offer?
A: We’re a full service agency, built specifically for restaurants. We can fulfill almost any need a restaurant would have for design, digital marketing and even POS system integration. If you have any questions please contact us!

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Q: How will my restaurant benefit from using this website design service?
A: Low upfront cost. Always receive the latest updates and technology upgrades. No technical knowledge required. You are securing your future and protecting your customer base and brand. Our Secure Payment Gateway means restaurants can now start accepting credit cards for online orders on their own website. There are many other benefits including repeat business, additional revenue, increased efficiency and enhanced customer loyalty. Restaurant websites are fully optimised by SEO experts and registered with Google Places, Yelp, Foursquare and restaurant directories.

Q: Can I use my Point Of Sale system to get orders?
A: POS and Loyalty Card integration is available. Sign Up and ask your Digital Restaurant Account Manager to start the process with your provider. New POS integrations are being added so just let us know which system you are using and we can speak directly with your service provider.

Q: Who should use our products/services?
A: We build our products for restaurants, both small and large. The plans are priced in such a way that ANY restaurant can afford and profit from the platform. Also, despite using some very sophisticated technologies, anyone can use it. You and your staff will learn in minutes and love using it. Most websites and online ordering systems were built many years ago. They weren’t designed for the mobile and social revolution. Our products are designed specifically with mobile apps and social networks in mind. Currently more smartphones are being sold than PCs and this trend will not only continue, but dramatically increase.

Q: So how does this all work?
A: We have a simple 4 step process. Step 1: meet your Digital Restaurant Account Manager, they’ll be your single point of contact through the project and beyond. Step 2: we launch your beautiful new website. Step 3: go to market! Step 4: ongoing promotion and support.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: We are 100% Risk Free. If you choose to discontinue service with Digital Restaurant you may do so at any time and for any reason. All we need is 30 days written notice. Upgrade your plans and packages at any time. You have nothing to lose when you sign up to any of our packages.

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Q: Do you have rates for groups/chains with multiple locations?
A: Yes! Digital Restaurant Group Rates and Custom Solutions are available for restaurant groups with 5 or more locations.

Q: Do I need to purchase my own web hosting?
A: No. Premium hosting is included, at no extra charge. Digital Restaurant is a hosted service. We take care of the technical upkeep, so you can focus on running your restaurant.

Q: Can I use my own domain name?
A: Yes! We make it easy to connect your own domain name (example, We’re here to help with the setup process (don’t worry, it’s quick and easy!).

Q: Do I need to purchase my own Zuppler online ordering account?
A: No. If you want online ordering we work with Zuppler who will then provide you with an account. They’re our partner, and they provide the online ordering menu.

Q: Why use the Online Ordering service?
A: Because your customers are demanding it and you will increase your average orders by up to 25%. The mega-chains, (think Domino’s), have already developed their own powerful ordering platform for web, mobile,apps, Facebook. They are making a killing and their customers love them. It just makes ordering takeaway or delivery that much more simple and FUN. What we’re seeing is that customers are migrating to restaurants who offer online ordering purely out of convenience. Restaurants who don’t keep up will eventually lose out.

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Q: Our restaurant already uses a third party online ordering website.
A: Restaurants need to promote their own branded online ordering website to their own customers. There is no shortage of portals playing in the food ordering space. The problem with most of these solutions, from the restaurant’s perspective, is that they stand as a middleman between your business and customers. We encourage restaurants to continue with these services to attract new customers from their service. However, we would strongly advise you to remove their stickers from your window and replace with your new website address.

Q: What if I have questions or need help?
A: We offer dedicated customer support via email FOR ALL PLANS. We can also schedule a phone call. Have a question before signing up? Ask us anything.

Q: What Happens Next?
1: Send us whatever you’ve got...
Provide some basic info, your menu, your Facebook page, your old website... we’ll work with whatever you already have.
2: We get to work...
Give us 21 days and we’ll have your new website ready with integrated online ordering! Before we are ready to ‘go live’ you will have a chance to review and give your feedback.
3: Go live!
We’ll connect your domain name (example, and your new website is live!

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