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Social Media Marketing

Restaurant Social Media Marketing

We understand and grow your customer base across all social channels.

Did you know that the average internet user spends more time on social media than on Google, Yahoo and YouTube combined? So it’s vital to be active where your customers spend their time.

Let your customers do your marketing. Tap into your customer’s social networks with easy-to-share ordering tools

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4 out of 5 takeaway restaurant consumers visit social networks and blogs

95% of mobile users conduct restaurant searches from their smartphones

71% of people use mobile to access social media

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Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

Social media marketing is cost effective and clearly measurable, that’s what makes it so great! We work with restaurants to design and administer appealing and effective social media campaigns:

“Today’s brands should have mobile-optimized expe­ri­ences for offers that are launched from their Face­book fan pages. This is most impor­tant for brands that tar­get younger demo­graph­ics, with 94% of the young seg­ment and 88% of the mid­dle seg­ment access­ing social net­works via mobile devices.”
Adobe Digital Marketing Blog

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Social networking website launched in February 2004, now has over 1.4 billion users

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Created in March 2006, has over 650 million active users as of 2014, generating over 500 million tweets daily. Users send and read text based messages of up to 140 characters

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A discussion or information site published on the internet made up of posts or content relevant to your business. It helps create brand awareness, interest and buzz.

How it Works

Encourage Online Sharing

People love sharing good experiences so we use social media to encourage customers to share with the their friends and followers. Whether they’re introducing you as a new takeaway for their friends to try out or sharing a great special offer that you’re running . . . people listen to their friends and are more likely to try something that they’ve recommended!

Connect with Loyal Customers

As well as gaining new customers, social media is a great way of keeping in touch with your existing loyal customers. We specialise in using social media to interact with your customers, let them know about the latest special offers and new additions to your menu, ask them for suggestions and generally keep them excited about your brand.

Increase Brand Awareness

At Digital Restaurant, we tailor your social media to fit with your particular brand. Every restaurant has their own unique qualities and this is something that must be reflected through your social media outlets.

Operate across Multiple Platforms

There’s no point simply having a Facebook page and a Twitter account that don’t do anything for your restaurant. We make it our business to coordinate your social media channels and devise an effective strategy to motivate your customers to come back for more!

Social media is serious business and the possibilities are endless.
We can help you strengthen your brand & get into your customers networks with strategic social media marketing. Our online marketing plans are tailored for takeaway restaurants and we offer reasonable and sustainable pricing. And we keep on top of it… we analyse the effectiveness of the plans constantly and tweak them as necessary to keep an exciting and alluring campaign going.

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