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Our Company

Digital Restaurant was founded in 2013 with one mission: to help local restaurants maximise the number of customers that order online for takeaway or delivery from their own branded website.

Our team is made up of experienced restaurant marketing strategists, designers and online gurus who are passionate about what we do.

Starting out, our goal was to give the independent operators a competitive edge with technology which previously would only have been available to larger chains and put online ordering on a level playing field. Restaurants should own the relationship with their own customers and our solutions help restaurants to directly capture their share of online orders in their local market.

Digital Restaurant gives restaurants, takeaways, cafes, delis & caterers the power to succeed online. We are delivering on that mission today, working with hundreds of restaurants and takeaways across the UK and Ireland.

Please take a look around and get to know us. If you think you could benefit from any of our solutions, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!


Digital Restaurant provides services that truly help restaurants, by being cost-effective. We are a full service digital marketing company that specializes in generating real revenue for our takeaway and delivery restaurant partners.

From concept to completion, we do all the heavy lifting. Digital Restaurant can plan and design a professional website to managing your complete digital marketing strategy. The Digital Restaurant team offers the whole package and delivers real results every time. Our experience in the industry has given us a clear understanding of what delivers results. Therefore we are the only company that can offer a more cost effective marketing campaign to suit every budget. We take the long term view with our restaurant ‘partner’ approach. Your success is our success!

What We Do

We provide an all in one restaurant marketing service.

Marketing effectively can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with multiple companies for various services.

We have everything you need in one place – social media, email, website design, online ordering, menu design, text and mobile marketing tools. We offer complete restaurant marketing, tailored to your needs. We also appreciate the value of measurable results. The increase in your profits will be the obvious measure, but along the way we'll track and analyze every tactic, so you know they're working. Together we will refine your strategies based on the results, leading to greater success.

We help all kinds of restaurants, from local independent takeaways to national chains. It doesn't really matter to us because the relationships we create are always king. We're lucky to work with a diverse range of clients and we love them equally.

We build brands, generate awareness, and drive sales. We do this through creative marketing campaigns and effective web solutions.

We are passionate about helping you generate repeat business and acquire new customers. We understand your needs because we are focused solely on the restaurant industry. No other company can offer you the specialized attention that we can. It’s all we do.

Our Experience

Digital Restaurant has been powering takeaway food operators with its industry-leading solutions and has served over 300 clients across all segments of the industry, from small independent takeaways to fast-casual to fast food chains.

We understand the takeaway and delivery business & what is required to deliver REAL results.

We are a team of digital restaurant marketeers and experienced operators who have a deep understanding of the restaurant business and know what is required to deliver a successful online strategy.

Why Us

As an industry-leading online marketing company, we are always looking at ways to maximise the return on investment for our restaurant partners. Restaurants are starting to see the benefits that a professional online presence can bring and many are now shifting their attention to increasing their online user base using the proven digital marketing channels that are available to them.

We understand the role that a professional, responsive website and effective social media strategy plays with increasing your customer base. Most restaurants don’t know how to utilise the channels correctly and many don’t even know where to start. We will help you understand and capitalise on the power of online marketing.

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