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Restaurant Email Marketing

Restaurant Email Marketing

It's so much easier to welcome back loyal customers, than it is to encourage new ones.

Fortunately, eNewsletters offer an ideal solution for communicating with your existing customer base, and when it comes to email communications, we're here to manage the entire process for you, from taking care of your email database to delivering a detailed report on your results.

Our integrated email marketing lets you easily connect with your customer base. As customers order, they can be automatically added to your email list.

One email can generate thousands in sales, and regular communication encourages customer loyalty.

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We just 'click' our fingers...

Because we make effective Email marketing easy!

The Power of Social Media

Digital Restaurant is fully integrated with popular social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter. We make it easy to share your email campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.

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Offer Tracking

Do you know how effective your coupons and offers are? Now with Offer Tracking from Digital Restaurant, you can find out. Offer Tracking with Digital Restaurant’s Local Email Marketing product enables you to track offer redemption, connect those redemptions to a specific eClub member, view high level ROI reporting based on these redemptions and assign each eClub member a unique code to encourage repeat use.

Send targeted emails to your customers to improve retention and loyalty. Some examples:

Restaurant email marketing is a proven tool to generate new and repeat business, providing you with a direct line of communication with your customers. With an incredible return on investment, email marketing is more powerful than ever thanks to social media.

Email Marketing Management

The proof is there - our e-mail marketing campaigns generate more reads, more clicks and better results. Every time we send an e-mail campaign, we can track how many times the e-mail is opened, which links are clicked and generally what users do with our clients’ e-mail marketing. We benchmark against industry results and you know what? Our clients’ e-mail marketing does better.

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How We Manage Campaigns

As a restaurant marketing agency, we manage campaigns from start to finish - strategy, template design, landing page design, programming and coding, copywriting, conversion optimisation, list management, syndication, tracking, reporting and testing.

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Why Digital Restaurant?

You want email marketing that works. Our clients’ emails do better than their competitors’ emails. What else can we say?

Enquire about our e-mail marketing programs or call us to chat.

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